WSIS Forum 2022

The NGO CoA Vienna supports EURAG’s statements regarding the Situation of Older Persons in the Ukraine and their anti-war declaration!   Stop the war and the genocide in Ukraine before it spreads across the entire Europe and the world!

We hold that war is the biggest crime against humankind in which no law can secure the rights anymore. War is the worst human-made disaster undermining the foundations of the international security system while humanity stands witness to the wars’ catastrophic impact. War crimes, genocide of the population and devastation of private and public wealth remain unpunished despite the fact that they make human development regress by a century or more.

At the EURAG’s regular session held on the 8th of March 2022 representatives of the EURAG members, national organisations of and for older people unanimously supported the decision that EURAG should make this anti-war declaration calling for the United Nations to send security forces to Ukraine as to protect the population, cease their sufferings, prevent the genocide and terminate the war there before it spreads to other European countries and the world. This declaration calls on the European Parliament, the European Commission, the UN Security Council and other international organisations to take measures and action immediately to extinguish the fire of war now that it might still possible.

Our members belong to generations who survived the Second World War or were born immediately after the war, generations who know well how a dictator’s will may grow and become immensely destructive unless international organisations stop him immediately. Therefore, on behalf of all its members, national organisations of older people EURAG, call on the United Nations Security Council, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of Europe and other international organisations not to underestimate the experience and wisdom of its members and use it for the benefit of all generations.

A leader whose mind is captured by his political fantasies and who entirely disrespects international state law and principles of humanity will not abandon his further European territorial demands unless an external pressure is put on him. The UN is the most powerful and sole world organisation meant for safeguarding the international peace, progress and peaceful co-habitation among people of all nations. Therefore, we trust that you will terminate the war in Ukraine. We trust that you will put an end to this genocide war before President Putin goes on enslaving Europe. We strongly reject the possibility of war between President Putin and the NATO.

The aggression on Ukraine is leading to huge civil human casualties and massive material destruction, so European member states are attentive mostly to the effects of this war: refugees in need of help though an immediate attention has to be given not to the consequences but, on the contrary, to the causes of this human catastrophe, i.e. occupation and war. We trust you will demand the retreat of the Russian army. Then only international organisations and humanitarian NGOs will be able to help, and people will be able to go back to their country.

We urge you to act quickly to stop this unjust and utterly meaningless war

On behalf of the EURAG member organisations and individuals from 29 European countries and Israel                                                                                                                   Date: 12.3.2022

Dirk Jarré- EURAG president

Dana Steinova-EURAG Secretary General